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remington core lokt

Possibly to justify making it more expensive?

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remington core lokt

I don't shoot the corlokts now but have and they are wonderful bullets. The bonded core bullets are out. I shot some of them in a 300WM last summer. I think they are good bullets my rifle just didn't like them. That is the point of my post. The rifle picks the ammo. If your rifle likes the CL then go with it. Bullet placement is much more important than bullet type, within certain limits.

As to the picture of the bullet jacket. It was just a core seperation. I have had a lot of them with jacketed cold core bullets. Usually they turn up under the skin on the far side of the animal with the core passing on through.

That is why Hornady uses a interlock ring, Nosler has the Partition, and a lot of companies are bonding the cores to the jacket, not to mention Barnes solid copper bullets. But from what you said, the plain old CL bullets shoud be great.
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