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Remington accu tip question.

Any time you use the BS reference to somebodies opinion, you are going to start a fire. I, myself, would be ticked as well if somebody called my opinion BS even if it was. Like Don said, each of you have legitimate valid differing points of opinion. That is what is great about where we live. We can have our own opinion and be different than the next guy. I am not a big fan of the ballistic tips either but if they work for westernhunter so be it. There are a lot of bullets to choose from so we don't have to like every single one of them. Thumbs up

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Remington accu tip question.

Okay, point taken.

But I'm not saying I prefer ballistic tips. I use Grand Slams. I'm just saying that if a bullet breaks apart it has only failed if it did not hit the vitals. Thats all.

Another thing too. There is one other poster here that has gotten into the habit lately of flat out telling me that I'm wrong. Do I cry and refuse to engage in debate?? No I don't. I use my experience to debate the subject. I'm done here.

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