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Remington 700

Man you guys are off topic... arguing about CRF in the case of hunting dangerous game. What, is he going to go cape buffalo hunting with his 270? The only thing I can think of in terms of danger that he would even consider using a 270 would be black bear or mountain lion. Most people don't hunt mountain lion, and black bears are generally pretty docile, besides, I'd want something bigger for a bear. I guess you could use a 270 on leopard, but I doubt any PH would recomend it.

So, back to the topic at hand. I agree with dugaboy that the ruger m77's have a slight advantage over the remington 700. However, I am currently involved in a rifle building project. Not really building, just turning an -06 into a 35 Whelen. For this rifle, which I plan to use as my work horse all around rifle, I chose the remington 700 mountain rifle, partially because I thought the laminate wood pattern was aesthetically very appealing. Remington also has a great reputation regarding accuracy, and in my book, that's a big deal. However, I wouldn't suggest getting one in the caliber you have selected, but that's a personal opinion and a discussion for another topic.

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Remington 700

The 700's have the best out of the box accuracy for basic production rifles. I own 2, and love them. The first deer I shot was with a Rem 700 in 300 Win topped of with a Leaupold scope.

I'm also a big Model 70 person. I like the 3 position safety, and the classic models have the nice pre64 action !

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