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Remington 700 XCR 2 vs. Savage 116 Bear Hunter in .300 Winchester Magnum ?

Which of these two rifles ( in general ) will be more accurate, last longer in tough conditions and be worth the money ? They both have stainless steel barrels and are both driled and tapped. I will be using a Nikon BuckMasters 3-9 or an Alpen Apex XP 2-10. Both of these guns will be in .300 Winchester Magnum. What scope mounts and rings are good for these scopes and for a .30 caliber magnum ? The savage is less money by 35-40 $ on Cheaper than Dirt.com I would hunt anything from Boar and Rams to Kodiaks and Eland with the gun.

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The only way your gonna know

The only way your gonna know which is more accurate is to buy them both and shoot them both. I don't recall a rifle in my life that was not accurate enough to hunt with right out of the box. at the same time for the purpose of hunting, 1" of accuracy at 100 yds is much better than needed. If you confine shots to 300 yds or less and do your practice shooting, a 2" at 100 rifle wiull work well for you. Then again if you've an idea you want to shoot at much laoner ranges, I would make sure I was up to it. A wonderfully accurate rifle does not make up for lack of skills.

Accuracy is different things to different people. Some people seem to think they can get a new rifle, bed it, replace the trigger, work up aq magic load and win benchrest matchs with it. Don't work that way!

What you need to do is handle both the rifles and see wwhich one you like best. That is the one to get. If one shoots 1 1/4" groups at 100 yds and the other 1 1/2" groups, there is no advantage to either for the hunter. Probably a good bedding job and load workup could improve both to some degree.

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rifle choice

You have gotten some good advice from Don. I might suggest that you also look at a Ruger M77 in SS/syn. I happen to own 3 of them and they are all excellent shooters. One other thing about the M77, it comes with the best scope mounting system available on any factory rifle (IMO). That will save you about 75 dollars.

Be sure to try and handle the rifle models if at all possible. Good base/ring sets for the other rifles that are rugged an lightweight are made by DNZ and Talley. They incorporate the system into one piece plus ring tops. Very solid!

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