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Once again another example of

Once again another example of Remington's quality control and customer service slipping away. I sure hope they wake up and get things back to the way they were.

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I like the XCR II

Been kicking around the thought of one in .280.  My customs have also been Remington 700s.  But I do not like the Remington extractor.  If you're talking $800-$900 anyway, may as well look at Winchesters too.  If you want to spend a little less, I find Rugers to be a better value in general, and plenty accurate.

I'm not sure if I've ever owned a true factory Remington... come to think of it, I guess not.


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I, on the other hand, have had good luck with my Rem 700 BDL.

Purchased one in 300 win mag a few years ago and it functions perfectly. It shot the loads I worked up at less than MOA right out of the box.


Wind at your back . . .


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