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rem zouave rifle

I was left a 58 cal rem zouave rifle my father bought in the early 70's. The rifle is in like new cond, I think he shot it twice. I'm thinking of using it this year for blk powder season. How accurate are these rifles, what typ of bullets are better. round ball or minie. how many grns of powder.best place to get supplys.

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rem zouave rifle

Hello from Germany!

The Zouave is a .58 cal. and normally has a barrel for conicals, means a short twist. But sometimes it likes PRB too. You have to test it with several loads.

For starting I would recommend 60 grs of a FFg bp (Goex, Graf's) and a .577 Minie or a Hornady Great Plains bullet. For PRB use .560 RB and a .010" lubed patch. For priming use musket caps. You can get all these items at Cabel's, or Log Cabin Shop or any other hunting supplier.



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Re: rem zouave rifle

A thousand years ago when my Dad & I started muzzleloader hunting he first used a Zouve reproduction. Can't remember the manufacturer. As I recall he finally stayed with a medium heavy load of 75 gr ffg Goex and a .58 minie ball. He played with a wad between powder and minie for awhile but the extra effort & hassle wasn't worth the results. It was a minute of deer rifle up to about 75 yards. The sites were definitely set up for a Civil War volley fire musket; on target at about 200-225 yrds (when you could hit the target at that range). We played hell trying to get the sights regulated to 75 yards. Pops ended up having to remember to hold low.

A buddy at the time borrowed the rifle, took a shot a mule deer bigger than he ever expected to see at about 60 yards and center punched a dead juniper directly behind the buck. Forgot to hold low. Ten years later, it was still a sore subject with him.

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