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reloading shotgun shells

I'm thinking about reloading my own shot gun shells including slugs. I was hoping someone could give me a rundown on how to do it, what tools, and also the cost effectiveness of it.


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reloading shotgun shells

My recommendation would be to take a class on shotshell reloading that lasts at least 4 hours. There are just too many pieces of info to detail here. While not difficult, it's not just a matter of steps either, but there are many other things you'll need to take into consideration as well while reloading. Besides, this is really not the place to learn how to reload from A to Z. I'm sure that someone here will attempt to give you the steps, but be careful. I've said it before here on this forum and I'll say it again that reloading isn't one of those thing that you can just start doing safely after asking for a few pointers on an internet forum. Get yourself some proper and formal instruction from an experienced NRA certified instructor. Get some good books on reloading and read them.

Having said that, I hightly recommend and encourage you to learn and to reload. It's a great skill and good knowledge to have as a shooter, and there are many benefits to it. Check with a local shooting range for instruction, maybe they offer them or can point you in the right direction. Check with your local hunting and gun shops, they may be able to help. Good luck.

Oh one last thing about reloading - It's ADDICTIVE!!! You've been warned Big smile

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reloading shotgun shells

Find a local skeet club and give them a call, better still, go and visit. You'll find lots of shotshell relaoders there, more than anxious to assist you.
Don't try it on your own, you're dealing with an explosive

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