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Reloading 7mm Rem. Mag.

I am preparing for a Elk cow hunt and I will be using Remington 7mm magnum rifle. I am using 150 grain Nosler ballistic red tip bullets having had good experience with them on Mule deer so I figure Elk cow would be similar. I would like to get consistant grouping that I am not getting even with premium grade ammo.  Can someone give me recommendation on a ideal powder weight using Alliant Reloader 22 powder? Here in Arizona shots can sometimes be long distance especially when chasing White Tail or Mule deer in the desert.

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Balistic tips are not for elk

Balistic tips are not for elk and will blow up if you hit a bone and you'll end up with a wounded elk.  Stick with a bonded core or a Nosler partition if you like noslers.  I personally prefer Barnes TSX bullets for elk. 

For a load pick up a Nosler or Barnes reloading manual and see what they say.  What is safe in my rifle just may not be safe in yours.

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I have always felt 150gr

I have always felt 150gr bullet's were pretty border line in a 7mm mag. I'm not so sure about the Balistic Tips either. If I were to take up the 7mm mag again I'd look at Hornady bonded core bullet's. Reason being Nosler told me their bonded and partitions are designed to maintaim 70% of their weight. Not bad but shooting Hornady bullets from a 7mm mag years back, I was retaining 85%. Same thing with the old Speer 160gr Hot Core. My powder choice you can't get anymore, N205 but I would think RL22 should do fine with a close to max or max load, work up with caution. One more thing about loading the 7mm mag, partical re-size only! The chambers on belted cartridges head space on the belt, not the shoulder. As a result some chambers get a bit sloppy. It will first show as a ring around the head of the case just in front of the belt. That is case seperation getting ready. To avoid that don't completely resize, just partical. Doing that momes the shoulder farther forward and stop's streaching the case at the head.

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