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Reloading 1ST time brass and FL sizing

Hi all,

I'm brand new to reloading and was looking for a little help. I'm going to be reloading for my 300 weatherby. I purchased 100 rounds of Norma brass and they come in a nice little box of 20 each. I've heard when you buy brass in bulk i.e. bags you want to full length resize the very first time when you reload cause the necks can/will be banged up from rattling around the bags. What is your guy’s opinions or recommendations about full length resizing the first time for Norma brass that comes in the boxes? Does it need to be done prior to the first reload? Should I do it after the first reload after it has been fire formed to my weatherby? Any help would be greatly appreciated : )

My plan is reloading 180 grain Nosler Partitions using Federal 215 Primers and Reloader 22 with 81.5 grains. Courious if any of you guys have used this combination or close to this and how your results faired…

Thanks everyone for replying

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Re: Reloading 1ST time brass and FL sizing

Yes, you should always full length size new brass. While most of the cases will be fine there is a chance that some may be out of spec a little bit. From there you'll trim to length, chamfer and prime.

If your cases will be for a single rifle then you can go with neck sizing on the second reload. If the cases will be shared by several rifles than you will to full length size each time.

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Re: Reloading 1ST time brass and FL sizing

Being new there is something to be aware of with belted cartridges. Neve had a Weatherby but would think it still applies. Belted cartridges headspace on the belt. Because of that, some chamber's get a bit sloppy and after a few fireings you might notice a ring developing around the head right in front of the belt. That is the begining of case head sepreation. To fix that problem, read up on parcial sizing. Keeps the fired case the same sixe, almost as the chamber and eliminates the problem.

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Re: Reloading 1ST time brass and FL sizing

What the rest of them said. using the same bolt action you will only have to neck size after you fire them one time. This will increase the brass life and help to keep things consistant for acurasy. Be shure to check for brass lenght each time and trim where you need to.
My 2 cents.

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Re: Reloading 1ST time brass and FL sizing

I always full length resize all my brass. Do so for feeding reliability and consistancy. Just my method.

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