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Reloader 22 for 110 gr .308. bullets.

I know reloader 22 is idealy suited for heavier bullets in the 300 win mag, but I was wondering if anyone has some load data with this powder for 110 gr bullets? I can't find any loads with this combo.

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Reloader 22 for 110 gr .308. bullets.

I know there is some data for 110 grainers using Reloader 19(closest to Reloader 22) and up to 90 grain charge.
I'd drop the charge back a full 10 %(80-81 grains) and work from there if I felt real lucky.
An email to Aliant Powders might help, if the other reloaders here can't help.

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Reloader 22 for 110 gr .308. bullets.

I agree with Hammer... if you can't find the data email aliant powders and get their opinion. There is probably a reason there isn't any data on the load. I'd make sure you had credible data before you test drive the round.

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Reloader 22 for 110 gr .308. bullets.

You probably won't find any Reloder 22 data for a 110 gr in a 300 wm. You'd get excellent performance with powders in the burn rate of H4350 which is quite slow for that weight. A slower than 4350 powder would have an incomplete, inefficient burn. To much capacity. Extreme flash and blast. I have seen loads in H4831 but there was an extreme loss of velocity. Which is an indication of an inefficient burn. I'm sure the pressure levels would not be extreme but if there isn't any data. Don't try it unless you have the proper equipment for testing rounds.

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Reloader 22 for 110 gr .308. bullets.

I don't think you will find any data for Rl-22 for a .308.
Being a very slow burning powder,typically it seems suited for the the mid-size magnums. For my 7mm Rem. Mag. it is the best all around powder,it gave good ballistics in 100 gr. to 175 gr. bullets.Not many powders can do that.
Would not something like IMR 4350 work well for the .308? Or yes,maybe RL-19 will work.

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