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New to bowhunting, how do I pick a release?
How do I tell the good, from the bad?
I don't want to get a peice of junk.
I want a good release, but not the highest price one. Think

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I use the Cobra Pro Caliper Release. About $30, comfortable, and has never failed.

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I have been using Scott Archery releases for several years now. I particularly like the Scott Rhino for hunting as it takes nothing but feel to hook it into the string loop. The trigger tension being adjustable, and the fact that you can adjust the length of the release is a big plus. mechanically they are totally solid and give a very comfortable feel during the release.

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Releases are an individual preference. I tried several before I found one I like and I'm sure if I was to continue to try. I would probably find some others that work for me. As of now and for the last few years. I've been using a Tru fire Hurricane. It has an adjustable buckle and a very smooth caliper release.

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do Not buy anythin cheap when it comes to bows! i shoot a t.r.u. ball stinger, i believe. all tru balls are very good release

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I've been using the Trophy Hunter for years with good success. It's small and not as bulky as some others. As mentioned it's personal preference. Try before you buy. Some are more comfortable then others and some are better suited for hunting rather then just taget shooting.

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Ive been using the Scott Mongoose for years. Never had a failure yet with it...Have hunted in temps as low as 40 below with no freezeups. Smooth...Adjustable trigger and head length for comfort. They have many design models. If its for hunting I wouldnt recommend the Back tension release styles untill you are VERY used to one. Stick to either the dual or single caliper style. As the others have said, its a choice of what fits you and your shooting style. Scott Release aids are top of the line and do cost a little more than some...But you get what you pay for and with them you are getting a High quality product with the Archer in mind

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Never Can go wrong...

with a TRU Fire.. Have used them since about 1994 with no problems and they are not expensive

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