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Regular and whitetail tags ??

I'm sure this has been discussed some time on here and I missed it, but I don't get this new choice. They seem to be the same thing, seasons ect. except with one you can't shoot a muley, why would you choose a Whitetail only tag?
Does anyone have any insight, and why are they leaving the season open so long in units 1,2,3,4a,5,and 6, I know there are a lot of deer but this seems extreem. When I say this last year I actually thought that they had misprinted the seasons.

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Regular and whitetail tags ??

I think it is an effort to make people from Southern Idaho choose between hunting big muleys, or big whitetails in the rut, but not (get to do) both.

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Regular and whitetail tags ??

regular tag lets you hunt around most of the state, for either whitetail or Mulie.
However the regular tag does not allow you to hunt whitetails in november around the clearwater area. A whitetail tag allows you to hunt for whitetails in the clearwater area. There is more to it than that , but that is the general lowdown.

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Regular and whitetail tags ??

Do you guys see nice Wt bucks often over 140