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Reflex highlander 60-70lbs FS

I am going to try and sell this bow for other projects. I love this bow...killed my first big game animal with a bow with this set up. It is a 2006 Reflex Highlander 60-70lbs set at 67 lbs. Draw length from 27-30 and set at 29. Has a 3 pin Trophy Ridge Flatliner sight along with Whisker Biscut rest large diameter for aluminum shafts, but I do have the meduim replacment biscut for it also and will send it along. Has an Alpine Archery 5 arrow soft loc quiver. The string and cables were replaced in July of 2008 and it has only been shoot 150 times or so and then the bow was put away as the Katera joined the family. Has not been shot since. Great bow for a beginner or a backup. If the buyer would like I have 10 2315 Easton arrows I can send along...the are cut to 29.5" Asking $300.

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Reflex highlander 60-70lbs FS

looks nice

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