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Redhawk 4" 44 mag

I have a couple questions regarding a new Redhawk 4" in 44 Mag. I have been shooting American Eagle 240 grain Jacketed Hollow points. I am sure these are mid level as far as punch goes however, I find them very enjoyable to shoot. I have had a few sessions where I shot 50 in an outing and quit just because of other commitments. My questions are as follows. I am going to start loading for the 44, I want to stick to the 240 grain bullets. In the short 4" barrel what powder would you recommend that would allow good burn rate, be fairly clean, and also have minimal muzzle flash? Also any recommendations on dies? I certainly do not need any competition dies but I figured some must be better then others. Thanks for any help, tips or comments. I very much appreciate it as I under take this new adventure!


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Redhawk 4" 44 mag

Whopper, I dont know squat about reloading but I know that you might want to post this in the "Reloading" forums. fuzzy, Don and Hammer are all very knowledgeable in the aspects of reloading and I am sure they would be able to help you and they may be more likely to see your post there. Good luck

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Redhawk 4" 44 mag

Go with carbide dies if you plan on much loading ,as for powder I don't shoot any short barrels so am not sure about muzzle flash etc , but I use H110 or IMR4227 in my 44's

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