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Redfield Scopes

I have seen them make a charge on the market and it seems like they might be making a comeback. Has anyone purchased their NEW products and seen if they are worth it. They seem to be pretty good deals and they have their own ballistic plex reticle. They might be worth looking into.

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Redfield is now being made by

Redfield is now being made by Leupold now so they should be going back to the top of the line.  I haven't heard any reports about them yet but would expect nothing but the best from them.

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Really?  I didn't know that

Really?  I didn't know that and since I like Leupold this is good news as it may provide additional lower price options in purchasing quality glass. 

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The new Leupold made Redfields have become pretty popular, it seems. I've read many good comments by people who have purchased them and cannot recall seeing any negative ones. A good Buddy of mine recently purchased one in 2-7x33 for his new Rem 750 Carbine in .35 Whelen. He is very impressed with his and when doing his own low light performance test, he felt it better than a  Bushnell Elite 3200 he owns. For the record this fella owns a good number of quality scopes made by Leupold and Burris, some real high $$ Burris 30mm scopes. So I trust his judgement as he has zero reason to give it praise should it not be deserved.

I find the Elite 3200s to be an excellent value/$$ and own several of them, so his comments impressed me. I was able to handle his rifle/scope combo in Maine recently, but did not shoot it. The scope looked fine to me and on a par, at least, with The Leupold Rifleman series and maybe even the VXI series. Again, I simply looked through it during full daylight, myself.

At the price break the Redfields are normally listed at, their closest competitor, quality-wise would be the Nikon Prostaff series. From what I've seen and read, they likely trump the Prostaff by a bit and likely give the buyer a tremendous bang for their buck.  Thumbs up

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Refield Returns

If the new Redfield products are as good as they were back in the day & I here they are, I wouldn't hesitate to use them.  I'm looking to replace the scope on a Weatherby .223 & will most likely get a Redfield. 

I'm still using 2 pair of Refield binoculars, 7x35 & 10X40, and a buddy still uses a 2X7 scope on his .270 & a Redfield spotting scope.  Other than the 10X40 binoculars, none are up for replacement.  I"m hoping Redfield will expand their new lineup to include both binoculars & spotting scopes (also hoping they'll add a fixed 4X & 6X rifle scope to the list).

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fixed power scopes

Excellent point! I think perhaps too many have forgotten just how useful a fixed power scope can be. In my opinion some hunters just get blinded by the idea of a high powered variable scope! I too, would like to see some Redfield's in fixed power, add a 2.5X to the list as well!! Yes

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I got a new 2-7x Redfield for

I got a new 2-7x Redfield for my 6.5x55. Am going to get a 3-9x for my 6.5-06. They keep making them like this and the only scopes I ever buy again will be Redfields. I also have Nikons, Bushnell's a couple very old Denver Redfields and have had Leupolds and a few other's. In my opinion this new scope blows the pants off all it's competation even a couple steps up!

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