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Redfield Iluminator 3-10X50MM

Anyone have any experience with Redfield Illuminator's line of scopes. I know it was one of their higher end scopes and manufactured around 2001. CDNNinvestments.com has them brand new for $199. Any advice or experiences would be helpful. I have a 300 Win Mag rifle which is compensated.

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Redfield Iluminator 3-10X50MM

Welcome to the site.

I was a big Redfield fan years ago while they were still in Denver. What the new Redfields are, I don't know. I think Meade is making them now and if they are they should be good. But I think I'll wait and see what happens for now. I hope they do make it as good as they used to. I have two that I bought in the early 1970's that still work great and no problems with them.

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