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Has anyone ever used a Redfield Revenge Dial-n-Shoot scope? If so whatbare your thoughts on it? Is the system similar to the Leupold CDS? Thanks in advance

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I haven't seen one but had to

I haven't seen one but had to Google it to see just what it was.  It look like they are two compleatly different systems.  The Redfield has everything inside the scope such as the rangefinder.  Where the CDS system you would need to range the targer and then dial it in using the turret which is custom built for your rifle. 

If you haven't seen it here is a video of the Redfield scope.  You might need to watch it two or three times to figure out just what they are doing, at least I did. 

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No experience with the

No experience with the redfield but I have 3 of the CDS scopes and love them. Once ranged I've taken multiple animals past 500 yards with dead on accurated results.

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