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Sweet Victory! Great times in

Sweet Victory!

Great times in the back country are always good with some fresh cow elk back straps.

Those grouse are nice to chew on when your hunry. I never thought of using  a slingshot, we always used a arrow.Thumbs up

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I used to always pack a sling

I used to always pack a sling shot just for that reason, you never know when you are going to run into one of those feathered morsels.  One year I was muzzle loader hunting and the young boy that was with me wanted to know if I could hit anything with it.  So while in camp we set up a few pop cans and with me not wanting to waist my round steel ammo shooting at a can I picked up a few rocks.  Every shot hit a can that I was aiming at.  Well, you guess it, a couple of days I ran into a whole flock of grouse.  I got the sling shot out of my pack loaded up and let fly.  The first shot was a miss so I loaded up again.  The second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth shots were all misses.  Now I was out of ammo so I started to pick up rocks.  The rocks were not any better than the round ammo.  I finally took the head off of one with my .54 and a 430 grain maxi ball.  When I got back to my truck I picked up a rock and took a shot at a beer can in the ditch.  Yep, I hit it. 

Can you get buck fever on a grouse or do I just need to stick to shooting cans? 

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Very nice Mark !


Sounds like you guys had a decent hunt and a much better time (other then the truck problem) ! Congrats to your buddy on the cow and there is never anything better then a fresh grouse for dinner. :thumbsup1:

Thanks for sharing the great pics, videos, and story ! :yes:


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