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Recurve Bow Arrows

I recently purchased a used 50# 60" recurve bow that came with the following arrows:

      -Easton XX75 Camo Hunter 1916 Lite

      -Easton Legacy 1916 (Longbow 45-50#)

      -Easton ST Epic (N-Fused Carbon)

Can anyone tell me if these arrows are correct for this bow and if they could be used to hunt. Thanks!

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The spine weight may be a

The spine weight may be a little on the light side for your bow but I would try shooting them before I bought any new ones.  When I hunted with my recurve all I shot out of it were cedar arrows aluminum was way too expensive but if I figured in the number of cedar arrows that I turned into match sticks it might not of been. 

Check out Easton's charts on what would be right for your bow. 


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