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Record Books with an Asterisk

I should probably get more familiar with how Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett records are kept prior to this post.  What are the categories?  Are there separate records for varying weapons?  I’ve just never been close to either for a trophy so I haven’t really researched it.  I didn’t purchase mechanicals for broad heads because someone said if I got something worthy it wouldn’t count.  I started to draft this post with the intentions of stating if someone gets a Boone & Crocket or Pope & Young while hunting over bait there should be an asterisk beside their entry.  Well I just checked B&C official site and the policy for baiting is as follows:  “Trophies taken with the aid of bait are eligible for entry in the Club’s Awards Programs and listing in the records books so long as the practice is legal in the state or province where the trophy was taken.”  I could not locate a specific Position Statement from P&C on hunting over bait.  That just nullified my original post idea but then again it got me thinking that a trophy doesn’t necessarily have to be a Boone and Crockett or Pope & Young.  (That’s what us none Record Books holders always say  J)  Interestingly enough I did find that my Bowtech Assassin does qualify for taking at P&C but will be recorded with an asterisk.  “Effective January 1, 2004, animals taken with bows have nominal percent of let-off greater than 65 percent shall be listed with an asterisk (*) in the Records”  No wait nominal percent of let off cannot be 85%.  Guess I don’t qualify for P&C unless I go back to my PSE Coyote recurve.  Would I love to say I have P&C or B&C on the wall?  Sure I would.  Can I say that if I didn’t actually submit my entry?  I suppose not.  Is it still a trophy heck yeah!  I still won’t hunt over bait.  But I’ll sit on a road planted with winter rye grass in the late season.  Hmmmmmm.  Hunting these days has me questioning my own ethics of what I consider an asterisk in my game log. 


My only trophy qualified for the Biggest Bucks in Maine Club.  I got a cool patch and braggin rights with the boys from hunting camp.  No bait no planted field just me and this buck out in the middle of a vast clear cut.


Links to B&C and P&C are below for your own research.



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Yeah, there have been so many

Yeah, there have been so many advances in technology, and with the new ways of 'hunting", using bait, etc., they need to just ully rewrite the record book regulations.  Before you know it, there will be more reasons to exclude them, rather than include them.

I have never even been close to having anything qualify for that, so I am not up on the Pope and Young regulations, but I heard one the other day and I wonder if you know if it's true.  I saw a post on the Nebraska hunting forums that if you have a photo of a deer on a trail camera, and end up taking that deer in the same season, it is ineligible.  Have you heard of that one?

I can see that rule alone, if true, eliminating tons and tons of deer from the books.  It's hard to find anyone out there that doesn't have a cam out, and have a target deer on them.

Congrats on the BBC in Maine!  My uncle has a couple that would have qualified, including a 252 pound 8 point.  However, he is truly one of the back woods guys, who hunts for the meat.  He doesn't think twice about trophies, record books, etc.  I think he just threw the rack over the rafters in the garage.  It was an amazing animal, true big north woods buck from Maine.  And, if you look in my gallery, you can see one that i found when I was 14.  It had been shot and never recovered.  We figured it to have been around 240 or so.  I still have the norns on the wall in my old room at my parents in Vermont.

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With money becomig a bigger

With money becomig a bigger and bigger a part of hunting you are gonna see record books really start to crack down or investigate the animals which are trying to be enetered into the record books.  Alot of what I see is people paying big money to go on a high fences rach and hunting pen raised animals and then trying to pass them off as a wild animal so they can get some fame out of it.  I do not know about most of you but an 300 inch bull elk shot on public ground in a DIY case is a whole more rewarding that a 400 inch that someone rasied and then told me where it was so I could should it and then claim I worked hard for it.  I think I correct in saying that one record book company does classify a high fence part in there book.  Which is almost like ans asterik but I still think it should not be in any record book.  I feel only free ranging animals should be allowed to qualify for the book.

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I agree that the list of

I agree that the list of qualifiers or the opposite could be endless with the way things are now. They do seem to keep a pretty good grip on thiongs though. Free range is a given and it shouldn't be any other way. Bait is a tough one since it's legal in so many places and has gone on for so long. I don't hunt bait now but it was normal practice when I was a kid in Michigan and as near as I can tell has been for at least the last 50 years, so it would be hard to go back and sort those out of the book. I was surprised to read recently that it is leagal in Oregon to bait for deer and elk. I would have never believed that one.

I try very hard to make sure all my hunts are totally free range such as the aoudad hunt I have planned in Texas next year as they sell tons of them on high fence ranches as well and I would not even consider that type of hunt. 

The honor system is a big part of it now and unfortunately there are many that have no honor.

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It would definitely be great

It would definitely be great to have an official record book buck on my wall that I shot. Oh wait a minute I do. Every single one of them is in my own record book and that is the only real one that matters to me. I think between my son and I we have 23 mounts. There is so many politics out there today i don't know if I would want to go under microscope that they put people under when a real record breaker is taken. I seen what that guy that shot the buck they call the King Buck has gone through and I definitely would not want that.

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  I guess I have to jump on


I guess I have to jump on the bandwagon for the responses already provided.  I really don't care about harvesting a big game animal and then having it entered in for Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett certification or notoriety.  I just want to get out into the woods and harvest a good animal that I can enjoy the meat for months to come and also relay my story of the hunt for decades to come.  I also cannot see paying some fenced in area owner thousands of dollars just so I can shoot an animal that is more like shooting cattle.

But at the same time I also congratulate you on your Biggest Buck in Maine Club achievement.  In my mind you got it the right way and can be proud of what you accomplished.

And I will end with this - as long as you are following the rules and regulations for the state you are hunting in and harvest a nice animal then you should be proud of it... and you should feel good every time you recall the event or tell the story. This is what I do and I have no problems with my ethics... and I think you should not either by the way I read your post.




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