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for the record

I understand the way this site works now. I've never put one post downrange that didn't have some meaning.! So, look at this one, asking if anyone one likes calibers that kill deer!


ADDED: Looks like the link I tried to post did not take. Sorry for the confusion  Confused

I suppose I'll look forward to more confusion as I age...lol.  


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Um...I don't get it?  But yep, I like calibers that kill deer!

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I looked at this thread yesterday and didn't know how to respond. Now I understand that your link didn't happen the way you planned. That definitely changes things.

But just for the record - it gets worse! lol

What am I doing - it's no laughing matter! Help!


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I have found myself that a

I have found myself that a caliber the kills deer is a lot better than one that doesn't.  That is if you like venison on the table.

But then if you don't kill one you don't have to clean one or take care of it.  Big smile

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