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Recommended IIlinois Whitetail Outfitters?

I am doing research to find the right outfitter in Illinois for a whitetail hunt. I am planning the trip for the fall of 2009 and really looking for this to be the perfect all around trip. The trip will be for myself, my Dad and brother in law. My Dad has hunted deer for 35 years and I have since I was old enough to walk in the woods. But we have never done a trip to one of the big states to truly get a chance at the deer of a lifetime. We will probably only do this once so I want to go to a place that treats us like this is the only chance we will take to do this. I certainly want the chance at the big deer but all the things that come with the trip are important, too. Such as low number of hunters in camp, nice lodging facilities, well managed deer properties and success rates and a long history of providing quality services. I also want to pay in the price range of $3,500 or so for a gun hunt. Some of the more famous places are in the $5-6K range and that is just to much. I have done a lot of research to this point. I started searching and talking to outfitters that I have seen on TV shows or DVDs. My thought is if the 'pros' are using them then they must be good. I have talked to about 7 different outfitters so far. I have narrowed it down to a couple of places but one of them recently had some very negative things posted about them on this site which concerned me. So I wanted to post this and get some recommendations on outfitters from folks that have done a trip like I have described. Thanks!

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Recommended IIlinois Whitetail Outfitters?


I have been looking into the same type hunt in Il, IA, and KS. If you don't mind sharing what you have found, e-mail me at elton@sabine.k12.la.us. I will be glad to return the info I have gathered.

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Recommended IIlinois Whitetail Outfitters?


Joe Gizdic runs a quality operation.

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