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Welcome to the smoke pole

 Welcome to the smoke pole world!!! I have a TC Hawkins and a Traditions deer hunter both in .50 cal. I bought the tradtions last year as a backup gun and it took sometime for me to really warm up to it but it shoots great it has a few flaws like the dinky rod and I dont like the sling rings but other than that no complaints on how it shoots and its a lot lighter than my tc and shorter. Im been shooting the Hornday great plains bullets with a 90gr 777 ffg charge and im getting 2"groups  at 50yrd with both guns. One other thing that i should add after cleaning your gun and butting bore butter or anything else down the barrel make sure to fire a couple of caps to claer the bottom of barrel before loading it, if not your first charge wont go off becouse your powders wet from the butter or salvent.I seem to for get this step everytime i go to the range and shoot banghead

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Snapping a couple of caps

Snapping a couple of caps should be the number one thing to do before loading after cleaning. 

I have a friend that was anial on cleaning his ML.  One night during a hunt he cleaned it and didn't bother to snap a cap the next morning when he loaded it.  He then told another friend that he needed a cap since he had left his at camp.  Friend number 2 only gave him one cap and told him that was all he needed.  Well, you guess it.  He saw a nice buck and went to fire the rifle.  All he got as a pop and there he stood with no more caps to put on the ML.  He did learn his lesson thoe. 

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I had the same thing happen

I had the same thing happen to me. I popped 4 caps & the muzzy never went off.  The 8-pointer had enough and bounce off.  Climbed down from the treestand, went to the truck, grabbed my nipple wrench and took the nipple out, cleaned the nipple, poured a tiny bit of fresh powder in, srewed the nipple back in, tic boom, fired like a champ. I wish I would have had this forum to ask questions at that time in my hunting career as I didn't have a mentor and was learning everything on my own.  Live and learn and have that one got away story to tell.  Good hunting

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Thats kinda funy, I'll have

Thats kinda funy, I'll have to remember that.

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