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recommend medications for seasickness

I know about dramamine but have been told that there are others and even better medications to combat sea sickness.

During our Oregon fishing trip last week my dad got pretty sick and had very little fun while in the ocean. He does okay on lakes and rivers but now is afraid to go back out to sea.

I want to plan another trip somewher for next year for ocean fishing but unless we can get this under control it will be a no go as it truly was very bad for him.

Any suggestions?

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In all reality you need to

In all reality you need to talk to a doctor to find something that will not work.  I would be willing to bet that here you are going to get "it worked for my sister or brother" but you will not know if it will work for your dad. 

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recommended medications for seasickness

Ditto what Critter said.  Given the cost of an ocean fishing trip and the fact that failure could mean you never get your dad on the water again, its not time to mess around with a home remedy someone proposed on the internet.  Go for the doctor.  The cost of the doctor is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of being wrong.  Once the heaving starts, it's not like you can un-take whatever remedy you already took and then start over with something else.  Most of that stuff has to be in your system well before the rocking starts anyway.  Go nuclear and chalk it up to trip expense.

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my advice is

my advice is to take SOMETHING.  Dramamine works but at a cost of drowsiness.  But that beats the heck out of being sick.  Just don't afll asleep in teh sun on deck like I did....OUCH!

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my uncle used to take one

my uncle used to take one earplug and put it in his ear and leave the other open. he swore it worked.

i've found that even the "non-drowsy" dramamine knocks me out and i enjoy the experience much more with taking nothing at all. i grew up fishing lake erie and am not afraid as long as the ocean swells aren't too bad.

there is another one called banothen? i heard of. and somebody produces a patch, but this stuff has to come from a doctors perscription.

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Drammamine never worked with my mother and she'd spend the whole day puking on a boat.  She now uses scopolamine and it works like a charm for her.  She's pulling alongside Svalbard Island north of Norway as we speak to look at polar bears.  She never would have dreamt of doing that before.

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What ever you decide try it

What ever you decide try it before you go dramamine knocks me out ,so I use scopolamine, but when my son and I were fishing out of Cabo he put on one of my patches , made him sick almost worse than seasickness. Made for a long day, even with catching a marlin and a dolphin .


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Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions guys and I have told my dad that he needs to see the doctor before we head for the big water again. I will also make sure he tries ahead of time like suggested to make sure there are no ill affects. That is something I had not considered at all.

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Sea sick

This is somthing that i have had to see more than i like to say. I own a 41` Lurs fishing boat in Dana Point ,CA most of my fishing is for tuna ,yellowtail ,sea bass. Things that will help sea sickness don't drink alcohol the night befor the trip,drink a lot of water the day befor,don't eat spicy foods the day befor,get a good night sleep,As for meds the patch seams to work the best but pills works ok to but i have noticed that if somwone is real woried about getting sea sick there going to get sick no mater what. I have friends will never get sick and orthers that are just allways green on the water. There are many things that will help but just being on the water for short trips works good befor you go big water.Years ago i was on a over night charter boat out of San Diego and there was a guy that was on the boat that i over heard telling his friends that he was so scared of getting sick he started taking sea sick pills the day before well about four hours in to the trip i was awaken by the same guy screaming he was going to jump over board if the boat diden't turn around that diden't work so he said  was having chest pains and he being denided med. well that worked at sun rise the boat was back in San Diego he got off the boat and told us all to F off.Being sea sick can realy mess with your head Yuk!

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Just get Transderm Scop...  

Just get Transderm Scop...   Its a tiny patch loaded with scopolamine which helps with the motion sickness thing...   Its RX only so go to your doctor but get it, way better than dramaning or something like meclizine for motion sickness....  Trust me, Im a pharmacist...

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