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Found these 2 recipes I had.  Since it's fall turkey season out here, and deer season going on all over,I figured they were appropriate.

Kind small, especially the French dip, but I think you can read them.

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Thanks for putting these up.

Thanks for putting these up. I won't be doing any fall turkey hunting so that one will ahve to wait until at least spring when I finally really try a little harder to get my first gobbler. But that french dip one looks really good and I'm planning to give it a try soon. After Thanksgiving is over and things get back to normal I'll put it to use right away.

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Venison sandwich looks

Venison sandwich looks great.  Will have to try it.  Thanks for the recipes, always looking for some new way to eat my favorite foods.

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Both of these recipes look

Both of these recipes look pretty good.  I'm really liking the looks of the turkey pie.  I don't have any turkey from the fall season, but after dinner tomorrow, we'll have lots of turkey leftovers and I am thinking this recipe is a great way to use them.  If it's a family hit, then we'll be making it again for sure.


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  Excellent Vermonster!  Two


Excellent Vermonster!  Two great recipes!  For those that may not know all you have to do is right click on the picture and choose the printing option.  I do all of the cooking now at this house (okay maybe not all but definitely 90%) so I have printed these out and added to my vast collection.  I have seen a couple of recipes that call for using a can of cola but have yet to try one.  I'll do this one though as it is making my mouth water now just reading it.  Thanks for sharing these.  Maybe I will contact our Moderator and volunteer to manage a recipe blog?!?!  I think we would have a great deal of recipes shared.  Darn I'm getting hungry!!!