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Really new turkey hunter

I'v never hunted for turkey before but am trying to plan a spring hunt with my dad to be honest its been a couple of years so I've had a chance to hunt anything but I have a few questions thought this might be the place to ask
I'm looking for some info on public spots to hunt in virginia?
and second ive been working on my mouth calls will these be enough or should I get a box or slate call. sorry if the questions are dumb ones but I'm new to this. Think

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Really new turkey hunter

not sure on the public land for VA. I would find the Dept of Nat. Resources or whatever agency manages hunting and fishing and start there. Look for Wildlife Management areas, National forrests, Rerserves, state Forrest land. Also, head down to your local hunting and fishing store. They will likely carry maps and what not.
Regarding the mouth calls, if you are proficient with them, can cluck and purr, you are fine. I'll tell you that i have 3 different mouth calls and a box call. Sometimes you can change up your call, if the turkeys are not responding to one or the other.

By the way, be sure to pattern your gun. My brother-in-law missed a big long-beard becuase he did not. Shot guns don't shoot like rifles.

Good luck.

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Really new turkey hunter

For the sheer traditional aspect of it, I think most new turkey hunters ought to start right out with a short box. It is a super easy call to learn and will make just about any call a turkey hunter new or old needs to kill a tom.

Pot calls slate glass, aluminum ect are great as well. They are super for clucking purring and tree yelping.

If you can run a mouth call, you are in good shape. There isnt a sound a turkey makes that cant be duplicated with a mouth call in very realitic tone and volume. Took me a good fifteen years before I really felt like I was calling correctly with one. Along the way I also discovered that at times under the excitement of a turkey huntunfolding, I couldnt make a peep with the things. LOL Always good to have a back up plan. A slate or box call will do that well for ya.

Don't know much about Va public groudn except to say I have friends that tag out every year on Va public ground. Theres definately some excellent public ground turkey hunting to be had there.

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Really new turkey hunter

Who's this hatracked guy Think
Where you been hiding?
Any new turkey hunters out there need to listen to this guy, he Knows his Turkeys!!

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Really new turkey hunter

Hey Bud. Been around just busy. I am transitioning myself out of the guide game back into the home renovation business so I havent been nearly as posty on the internet lately. Between my site and my local dnr forum I use up most of my online time.

This am I figured it was getting high time to check in on my favorite turkey forums and friends. Glad to see your still here and kicking. Big smile

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