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A really good hunting knife

hey everyone, im wanting to buy a new hunting knife but im not certain whats best choice. Ive got a pile of them and i usally take my best 3 when out hunting. This past week i was fortunate enough to get a moose, WHEW. First time Ive been on my own and had to field dress a moose (oh my god this is goin to take a bit of time lol) I found the knifes i had were dulling fast and i was wondering what is out there that stays sharper longer.

Can you all give me some names and lets just say money is no object. Thank you

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A really good hunting knife

I have had good luck with higher end Buck and SOG knives. I will tell you I recently purchased a Gerber knife to leave with my hunting kit at my family deer shack out of state. It was brand new and felt like it had a good edge but wouldnt even break through the hide on a deer I shot. I ended up having to borrow a knife to field dress my deer. Hope it helps.

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A really good hunting knife

You'll find that no matter what knife you have when you start to bone out a moose, elk or any other large animal that you are going to have to stop and resharpen any knife that you are using. I have a Gerber Gator that last year went through two deer, one elk, and also was used on a buffalo. It needed touching up after each use and during the butchering of the elk and buffalo in the field. I have also used a Buck woodsman for years but it also will need touching up during extended use. Most of my other knifes from Old Timer, Schrade, and Kershaw will do the job on most deer size game but also need to be touched up a little. What I am saying is that there isn't a knife out there that will butcher a large game animal without having to be sharpened in the field or put down and another knife used.
I am kind of picky on the type of knife that I buy but I have also used every knife that I own on a game animal and haven't been disappointed in any of them as far as staying sharp while cutting anything besides bone.

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A really good hunting knife

We have our very own in-house knife maker, (wonder what they are called?, Blacksmith?}.
Look at Romeys profile and PM him or he has a link on there also.


I will ALWAYS take the factory edge off and make my own edge and it seems to work well. A little work but worth the results.
I will also carry 2 or 3 knives with me, in addition to my pocketknife, while hunting or fishing with at least 1 knife being a heavy bladed K-Bar type knife.
My longtime favorite is an old "Rambo" type knife with compass in the handle, that I bought for $5.00 at the Flea Market. A couple hours with a stone and that thing would last and last.

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A really good hunting knife

Yup Critter makes a great point. In the field I have a few that I use. Nothing high end at all. Mine are all just common mid grade hunting knives.

Buck Vanguard
Buck 110
Gerber Magnum L.S.T.
Rapala (J. Martinni) fillet knife.

For deer or pronghorn I typically only bring one of the lockbacks with me to use for field dressing. For elk I'll bring along three knives- one of the lockbacks, the fixed blade Vanguard, the fillet knife for boning out meat, plus a pack saw.

My Buck 110 has seen the most use as a hunting knife over the years, and always seemed to be enough for all my field dressing tasks. They all seem to hold their edge well, at least long enough to get through the task of field dressing a couple deer or pronghorn. I've sometimes had to either touch-up or switch knives while gutting and quartering elk. If any of them start to feel like they are dulling during use I just swipe the edge on a small butchers steel to touch it up in the field. I generally don't even use a honing stone on my knives until the butchers steel or ceramic rod is no longer effective in dressing the edge. But I always make sure they are very very sharp before heading out. Never taken a moose, but I can imagine them being a bit more to handle than an elk. Moose are pretty large animals. I think any piece of good quality cutlery would be challenged when field dressing a bull moose.

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A really good hunting knife

i prefer a buck but it is personal prefenence

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Re: A really good hunting knife

I like my Kershaw about a 4 inch blade.
And my Rapid River knife works made in the U.P. Michigan my favorite they make it the way you want.
And I even like the Browning skinning knife I got from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

I just saw a nice Browning set that you could get from Huntin Fool.

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Re: A really good hunting knife

I've got a lot of them, but my favorite is actually a Cutco -- been through three bears with it and it still has its edge. I'm also pretty attached to my Knives of Alaska caping knife that's amazing for detailed skinning.

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Re: A really good hunting knife

I think every hunter should have at least one custom made hunting knife. You can usually get a good fixed blade knife for less than $100. The quality of customs can be as good, or bad, as U want. I am a hobby knife maker. I have made around 100 knives. Learning knife making is complex, but once U understand the basic technology, It's trial and error. Making a good knife is something that any one of you can do with basic tools. Try making your own over the summer, very rewarding.
If you need any help or advice, hit me up.

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Re: A really good hunting knife

I have had great luck with the Havalon piranta, it has surgical quality replaceable stainless blades. You get one dull, ya stick in another,they are almost too sharp. 12 pack will last a lot of animals. I am no good at sharpening knives in the field so this is perfect for me. I use one of those chefs choice sharpeners around the house,and on my first hunting knife a puma sheath knife.

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Re: A really good hunting knife

Google Anza Knices. Custom made file knives. They're purdy awesome knives. And for a fair price. I'd like to try and make some file knives.

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