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Ready to go fishing

It was a great day today. Temps went over 50 and the driveway turned to mud. Made me start thinking about fishing already.

Going to Oregon in May for sturgeon and can't wait to get back to lake Powell in Utah for stripers and smallmouth. Lot's of catfish too.

It's kind of strange living where I do but I just don't get into trout fishing very much.

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Winter is not over yet !


I love trout fishing ! Especially when you fish all of the overlooked little streams that hold lots of little trout and sometimes the big ones. I use to be just like you waiting for the first fishing trip, but I am truely addicted to getting out there and chasing that glorious antler that fall to the ground every year.

Here is a giant elk shed my brother and I picked up in our OTC unit last spring.

I too am waiting for some wonderful weather so I can get out there and enjoy some more of the great outdoors.

Good luck on your fishing trips this year and I hope its a great year for your whole family.


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Man, that's a biggie! Woulda

Man, that's a biggie!

Woulda been nice to find the matching one, huh?

Thing's gotta carry some score.

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That is a great shed. I have

That is a great shed. I have not gotten into to just picking one up here and there. Now that I have property in 10 I might give it a try while I get to know the area.

My ex brother in law lives in the Clifton-Junction area and I know he loves it like you do and picks up a trailer load every year.

All the old family lives in either Junction or Fruita.

I do fish the little creeks for brookies with the kids and take my boat up to Reudi a few times a year. But Powell is what we live for. When the stripers are boiling is the best.

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Ah - another fisherman in the

Ah - another fisherman in the crowd. I love to fish, and do it year around. I've been ice fishing since right around the first of the year, but now I'm looking forward to some good open water fishing.

That is a great looking shed, there! It looks like it really has a lot of mass. Wonder what he'll look like this year, assuming he made it through last season.

Hunter, that boat looks like the style we like to use out on Saginaw Bay trolling for walleye. Full windshield help to keep dry when driving anywhere from 5 to 10 miles into the wind - it seems like you always get it one way or the other.

Too bad this isn't a fishing site - I have lots of stories I could tell, and pictures to go with. I'll have to enter a few of them in this section just to give everyone an idea of what we do around here in the "soft water" season.


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you're not alone

There's more than a few of we fishy people on here. In fact, don't tell Moderator-actual but when push comes to shove I actually prefer it; if I can only pick one trip back home for the year the fishing trip wins every time. Flights are already booked for June!!!!

Love to hear your stories; I have some of my own; and some are even true!

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