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Rattling & Calling Whitetail Deer (feature article)

November 2008 Feature Article:

Rattling & Calling Whitetail Deer

"Clatter-clack, clatter-clack- clatter" ...as the sound of antler on antler resonated through the woods I sensed something was about to happen! Almost instantly I heard grunting and glimpsed a magnificent buck approaching from my left. Intent on seeing what the commotion was all about, he maintained a brisk pace. At the same time, another, slightly smaller buck could be seen ghosting in from my right. The situation couldn't have been more perfect. Both bucks were obviously curious to know who was fighting. Moments later the two deer met 20 yards behind my stand putting on the most impressive display I've ever seen! First posturing then locking antlers, twisting, grinding, pushing, and shoving ...they did it all. Those two bucks literally tore up the forest floor. Following ten minutes of mixing it up in an all out brawl, the larger buck got the upper hand and the lesser made his escape. That encounter reinforced firsthand what rattling and calling is all about.

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Re: Rattling & Calling Whitetail Deer (feature article)

Hey, this article is so on-the-money. I am positive it is. Do you know how I am so sure? That's me at the bottom of the article with Kevin and my beautiful 5X7 non-typical Alberta whitetail. Big smile I had never rattled in a buck before so I was unsure of how to do it. One night in the lodge after eating a big meal, I sat down with Kevin and asked him to show me the ropes. He went over the exact process detailed in the article. And I followed them to the smallest detail. The next morning I rattled in this beautiful buck. The buck came in grunting, snorting snot bubbles, and stamping his front hooves. It was exciting. He came to 20 yards, and was an easy shot with my .300. Take this article seriously, as well as it's author. You will not find better tips or advise anywhere! Take Care and happy hunting Thumbs up - Dave G., NJ

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Rattling & Calling Whitetail Deer (feature article)

I have rattled many times but haven't had much success other then having small bucks come to my rattling to investigate . Grunting has worked for me tremendously. I will be trying the tips I have read above ... and report results.. thanks for the tips ...

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