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Rattling antlers

Looking for a good, affordable pair of rattling antlers for whitetails. Anybody got a pair they would be willing to part with?

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Rattling antlers

You looking for real antlers or rattle bag?
I use the heavy horns rattle bag and have had GREAT response from them! I use to carry a real set with me but they are cumbersome.

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Rattling antlers

I've used real antlers, artificial antlers and a rattle bag. My experience is that they have all had similar results. In my humble opinion, the rattle bag is the way to go, simply because they are the easiest to carry.

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Rattling antlers

Save your money and wait 'till antlers start to drop. Or you can use a pair off a buck you or a friend has killed earlier. An old European mount mabey. When you do, heat some vegetable oil and rub it into the antlers to keep them from bleaching. It also helps preserve them and keep a "more realistic sound", I got my pair from a neighbor who was throwing away an old mount and dad got his set at the close of the season when the dog dragged a head into the yard. Some people claim they're "more Cumbersome" I say they're just "harder to lose." cool

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