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That makes sense about

That makes sense about keeping them out of the weather makes sense as it might change the density of them which would change how they would sound.  I know bags are pretty close to the real thing, but they are not the real thing so unless, as was stated earlier, i was back packing I take the real thing with me.  Why use anything else but the real thing if you don't have to?  You can try to make something sound like the real thing, but with real antlers you have the real thing don't you?

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A little update to this

A little update to this thread, I used a bag this past season, my dad used real horns and we had the same amount of sucess, we both rattled in bucks. so my final conclusion is a bag works just fine and is lighter and I didnt hit my knuckles with the bag like my dad did with the horns.lol. I'll stick with the bag.

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I plan to buy a bag to try

I plan to buy a bag to try when I go to Texas to huny whitetail again this year. It will be the first week of November so I'm not sure if the timing will be right or not. I know when we were there In December this year my guides rattling seemed to not have any affect even on some small bucks that were visible to us, but they didn't run away either so I guess it was okay.

I have never tried it with mulies and have not read much about it so I plan to give that atry also as I have witnessed many fighting bucks the last couple of years.

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i prefer the bag. each set of

i prefer the bag. each set of antlers have a unique sound, smaller racks have a smaller sound, which i think the bag emulates well.

i'm not experienced in rattling, but i know people who are. i don't call, or rattle, and am more successful than them. most of it is about how hard you hunt.

i've had poor luck rattling in the past. maybe i'll try it more this year and see if something changes.

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