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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

My hunting partner and I have been watching a few bucks all summmer hoping to knock one or two down this fall. Last Saturday was the opener here in Wisconsin, I took my boy The Rat Slayer along for the opening day hunt and set him up where a 10 point buck had been dropping off a poin t in the evenings in hopes he would get a chance to whack him... Well, he came down off the bluff really early to stage on some acorns on the ridge side. 1st deer out was a fork horn. Rat let the forky slide by as he kept the 10 pointer focused in his camera ( He was self filming ) The buck passed by at close range, and the Rat Slayer took a sharp quatering shot. The arrow hit just behind the shoulder, just below the spine. The impact was just as the buck stepped out of the screen, but even though, this would be the boys 1st deer ever with a bow, he held his cool and got right on the camera and filmed the deer running away.
After discussing the shot with him, and realizeing there was no exit wound to bleed out, we waited till morning to track. He was lying about 40 yards from where Rat last saw him....

Pic's taken out of the summer scouting footage:

The Rat Slayer and hnis 1st bow kill ever!!!

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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

Great deer! I love those early season capes. They are just so sleek, and they make for an awesome mount.

1st to post a successful deer hunt this year in the midwest section.


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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

Great Job Thumbs up Good to see this years pics of bucks starting already Yes

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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

awesome buck; definately exciting Thumbs up

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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

That's awesome,dude! Way to go!! Thumbs up

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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

Sweet deal man. What a buck to take on a first bow kill. Concrats Thumbs up

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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

Outstanding Congrats!

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Rat Slayer scores!!!!

Excellent Deer!! Thumbs up

Hope u get another one this season!

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