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rare african sheep

hi, my name is Nicolaas Brand. I'm from Namagualand in the North-West of south Africa. I just want to know if anybody knows about the Namaqua Afrikaner? I still have a few on my farm, I know it is almost extinct and I'm about one of the only people that still have them. They roam the plains freely and are very wild, otherwise they would have been shot out a long time ago. would anybody be interested in hunting them? they have very impressive horns. thanx, like to hear from you.




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Pictures would help for those

Pictures would help for those who might be interested.

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hi critter, it is very

hi critter, it is very difficult to take picture of this sheep, they are extremely wild ( most of the time they spot me before the springbok or gemsbok) but i might have one or two of tamed ones. as soon as i find them i'll post them.


ps. i tried to search the internet but the pics they have is not the kind of sheep i have.

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this is the only picture i

this is the only picture i have at the moment. i'll do my best to get something better.

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looks like a domesticated

looks like a domesticated species that went wild, not the other way around, the ony wild one registered for africa in OVIS is the nubian ibex.


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i dont know if they are

i dont know if they are domestic or not. i only know that they are the last of this spesific type, Lospersplaas was and still is the only place you can find them for the last few decades. i know that if you find a lamb and put it with normal sheep than it will not be that wild, but as soon as there are two then they dont mix with anything. cheers

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