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Rapper Ludacris supports a presidential candidate


If you haven't already seen it, this is the rapper Ludacris and his Obama video and rap song. Ludacris has been a long time supporter and fund raiser for Obama.

Obama has spoke of his talent and has even met with him before. However, now that the rap video was made public, Obama has once again distanced himself from another person in his camp. Either, he is no longer useful to Obama or he's just making a statement to distance himself from someone simply to deny his affiliation. Either way, it's less than admirable, in my humble opinion.

It makes a reasonable person wonder how many affiliations, be it former friends, colleagues, associates or mentors that will be distanced from Barack Obama prior to the election.

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Rapper Ludacris supports a presidential candidate

I wasn't sure what Whelland was referring too, so here is an article.


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Rapper Ludacris supports a presidential candidate

well, I guess rolling stone did an article on obama and he said his favorite rapper was ludicris, now obama is criticising him for the song.