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Range limit

Shooter's skill + equipment = ethical range

To me it is that simple. There is no one size fits all. I just watched a military show where they were using a new .50 caliber rifle and made kills at 2400 meters. It would be foolish to impose an "ethical" range of 400 yards on that solider provided he was deer hunting with a rifle with which he had practiced and was capable of long range shots.

The problem lies in being true to one's self; knowing your limitations.

Until this fall, I had never hunted with a rifle and had not shot a rifle for over 20 years. I put in for an antelope hunt in March, bought a rifle in April and spent from April until October practicing every chance I could shooting at 200+ yards. When the time came and that goat was 300 yards I felt confident that I could make the shot. I knew my rifle, the ballistics and had practiced, practiced, practiced. I put the bullet exactly where I wanted and dropped that goat.

I think my 300 yard shot was very ethical.

However, there are "hunters" who do not practice, go out only during deer season and try to shoot a deer at long range. A co-worker took 4 shoots to kill his buck across a field. 2 misses, 1 wound and then finally stalked up close enough to kill the wounded deer.

We can talk here all we want, but we are never going to stop those hunters from taking the long range shots.

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Range limit
Don Fischer wrote:
Fuzzy Bear was right about why I put it up there too. I was just curious if any one would take a stand against shooting beyond any particular range. Not many will even if it appear's they do think some thing's just shouldn't be done. Some guy's, not here got real indignate about a question like that. Seem's like they don't want anyone questioning their practices so they say nothing. One guy told me in private, again not here, that he can shoot 5" groups at 400 yds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,off hand! Yet he imposes a 300 yd limit on his big game shooting. Then he said the guy's he hates are those that can't shoot at 100 yds. Well they can be taught to shoot! Some guy's can't be taught not to!

Anyway, I agree with Fuzzy Bear. I know that guy's do it farther and some on a regular basis, I used to do it myself. I'm getting older now and Chester Golf is right, "ya can't wound a paper target." I'll bet Fuzzy Bear has caught a lot of crap over his view. Thumbs up

Don Fischer

"One guy told me in private, again not here, that he can shoot 5" groups at 400 yds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,off hand!"

Well kiss my grits! Jumpin Jehosophant.....whooooooweeeee! neener! neener! That's IMPRESSIVE! (Tongue in cheek)! This guy should really go up to Camp Perry at the National Rifle Matches and by golly.....he'd win that championship hands down! Big smile Big smile Since most of these matches are won during the offhand phase....and since the ten ring is a full 7" width.....and since it's only fired from 200 yards....it would be a 'clincher' for him to win the National Championship!! By golly...I"m a wonderin if he's doin this fantastic shootin with aperture sights???.... ...cuz these matches aren't fired using scopes!! Cry Shame on You! I feel like this isn't David Tubb cause David doens't have to prove squat to anyone.....after winning the National Championship 11 times! lol lol Matter of fact....I'd pay this guys entry fees if he'd volunteer to sign up for this years National Matches and go up there and win the WHOLE SHOOTIN MATCH!! lol lol

But....I feel like my money's safe....in the final analysis!! Thumbs up Thumbs up

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