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It is on my wish list

Yes, now that I found the info, it is on my wish list. I enjoy the redfield 2-7x33 rifle scope. The parent company Laupold is a top rated company.


Simmons list one but ranges deer to 200 yds, tree to 400 yds.


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I have the 2-7x on my 6.5x55, really like it but had to find extension rings to mount it. I already had a rangefinder when the Redfield came out. I'd bet it is a very good one, Leupold stands behind it.

I use the one shot at 25yds also. But that is only used to get me on the paper at 100yds. Then I use my turrets to dial it in.

I also use the MPBR @ a 6" target for setting zero. My cronograph has a trajectory feature that will compute offset at 100yds and gives me the MPBR also. I can also track trajectory will past 500yds, that's as far as I've tried it.

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I agree that the shot (or

I agree that the shot (or shots) at 25 yards is an excellent way to get on paper at 100 yards, which is probably where most people do their final sighting-in. This is what we did in the Army as well. With most mid-caliber rifles, dead on at 25 yards will put you 2-3" high at 100. If you couldn't find a range or safe backstop to shoot at 100, you could use this 25 yards zero as a way to be fairly sure of a 100 yard shot in the field.

 As far as the drinking beer and "staggering out 100 yards or so", I truly hope that you were joking - though it's not really funny. There are more than enough anti-gun, anti-hunters around without giving them that kind of "ammunition" for their arguments.


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Remember to say "Just Kidding"

Some folks can be a serious as a PETA member discussing mink farms when you mention beer & bullets in the same paragraph let alone the same sentence.  Make sure you say it with a smile or you will be talked to about it.  I personnally couldn't care less what anti hunters/gun nuts think; their basic thoughts and actions on the subject mark them as less than mental giants.  It's obvious they couldn't care less what "we" think so I'm done extending that courtesy to them.  We do have plenty of young shooters and hunters here & they may take your thoughts to heart so make sure you qualify as needed.  (Personally thought it was kinda funny.  Don't forget that if shooting at Lite beer cans to use reduced loads!)

25 yard zero-ing is ok for getting on paper but before heading out hunting actually shoot at ranges you think you might shoot at.  Your 7-08 most likely didn't read the balistics tables that you did & I wouldn't be surprised if it shot significantly different in the field than it should in theory.  Good caliber choice by the way - almost as good as an '06 (that should start an argument).

Redfields used to make great equipment & now that Leupold has taken over the Redfield name they should be better than ever.  I'm targeting a Refield scope as a replacement to a .223 I have that currently has crap glass on it.  Their range finders should be equally well made and accurate.  While never planning on extreme long distance shots (400 yards to me just means more stalking to do) having a long range range finder has come in handy several times.  For example, while antelope hunting with a friend who had a doe tag, we ranged the small herd at long range (greater that 600 yards) in typical open country.  We also ranged a small patch of service berry at maybe 400 yards away (time & faulty memory has eroded the exact ranges).  Instead of trying to sneak without being seem to the animals, we "stalked" the service berry bushes for what turned out to be a routine 200 yard shot.

P.S. my favorite in camp beer is Busch - just seems a natural choice.