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I just replaced the bushnell pro scout 450 with the elite 1500 arc. I couldnt get the 450 to range with consistency past 180 yards so I sold it. I chose the 1500 partly because it was on sale- the other in my selection was the Nikon monarch.


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If you had bought a Leica you wouldn`t bother about another. Leica 1200 is easy to use,no fancy gadgets just the range every time.

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Welcome to BGH 251120.

Are you in Brittain as in England?

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I've had great luck with my Nikon Monarch 800. What you need to watch in the fine print is max rating to a nonreflective target. I once ranged a white building at over 1000 yards with mine, but if it had fur on it it would've been a lot less. It's sort of like the "30 mile" GMRS radios -- some manufacturers will throw out a performance number, but when you peel it back you find that it's under optimum conditions -- in the case of a rangefinder, a highly reflective target in low light on a very clear day with no moisture or dust in the air. When I shopped for my rangefinder, I went with what I thought would be the maximum range I'd be comfortable taking a shot from under most field conditions, added some "stalking" range, and then doubled it to account for atmospherics and target reflectivity.

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