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Raising training and Naming a wild boar?

I just need some suggestions please I want to train him myself. What are some tips with working them. These are very small (Like in the picture.. i got it of google but they are the same size. i just want a black one) What should i feed him? what are good names? I was thinking Alaric . What else can i do with him?

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pigs are smart

Pigs are smart.  They are at least as smart as dogs.  They can be trained but very rarely are.  most people just raise them as food. Our last three pigs were named Ham, Bacon, and Sausage.  They were intended as food for our freezer but they were so smart and beautiful (all white) that we grew too fond of them to eat.  We sent them to market as adults and never raised pigs again.

If you have no intention of eating your pig I can recommend a good book you would enjoy.  It is called "The good good pig" and is about the adventures of keeping a pet pig raised from piglet until he passed of old age after about a dozen years. 

Now if you intend to keep your pig as a pet or as food, remember that they are smart and will grow strong.  I have personally seen pigs eat whole chickens and adult sheep wool, bones, and all including the skull. Do not take an adult pig for granted.

Unless you intend to keep your pig as a pet and plaything, I do not recommend buying a tiny piglet.  Get one somewhere in the 10+ pound range that will not need bottle feeding.

After they get old enough for solid food they will eat all your kitchen scraps, and all you can get for them.  If you plan to butcher you cant do much better than feeding your pig dairy products, grain, vegetables, and baked goods.  Find a day old bread and past sell date dairy source.....

 If you decide to venture into keeping a pig search out "Countryside and small stock journal"

It is a magazine.  Read every back issue you can find cover to cover.  It is well worth the time.


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