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Rage 2 Blade in CO?

My buddy coming out from CA is reading the below from the CO hunting regs to mean that if it is not at least 7/8 inch before expanding, it would be illegal.  I am reading this as at least 7/8 inch when opened.  He knows it is illegal in Oregon and has concerns about using them out in CO.  I will check with DOW but does anyone know the enswer or use them in CO?

 Hand-held bows, including compound bows, must use arrows with a

broadhead having a min. 7/8-inch outside diameter or width and

min. 2 steel cutting edges. Each cutting edge must be in same plane

for entire length of cutting surface.


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I would say that it needs to

I would say that it needs to be 7/8" before opening.  But then that is my opinion.  You or your buddy may want to call the Colorado DOW to find out for sure. 

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They just have to have a

They just have to have a cutting diameter of 7/8".  My 3 blades are almosr 7/8" when closed, But I do not think they are refering to whether a mechanical is open or closed?  But it does does vring up a good question and would warrant a call to the DOW.

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Colorado can be picky about

Colorado can be picky about those things.

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