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Racoons in Idaho?

Can anyone tell me if there are a lot of raccoons in Idaho? If so what part of the state?


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Racoons in Idaho?

I live in N Idaho (Latah County). A while back my wife came upstairs telling me there was a racoon on the back porch growling at her. I said ...`yeah, right'. But I decided to go look. Yeah ... three big buggers on my back porch. No fear. From time to time they come visit. And if you are between them and the door, they either wait, or tear a hole in the screen and go around. I'm told they live under an abandoned house at the other end of the block.

And I see some bird hunting now and then. So, they are around. Dunno what kind of population they constitute. Pretty much all the ones I've seen are within or close to city limits. Don't know if they exist out in the `wild'.

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Racoons in Idaho?

there is a never ending supply of raccoons in north idaho. I kill about a dozen a year and still get 4-5 in a night at my house if the cat food or bird feed is out.


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