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Rabbits in Flagstaff, AZ

Alright, I really don't want to push my way into any ones hunting turf but I would really appreciate any help. I took my girlfriend out shooting with an old .22 I have and now she wants to try hunting. I figured we would start with some rabbit hunting but I just moved up to Flagstaff from Phx and have no idea where I should be going. Any one willing to hlpe me out I would really appreciate it. Thank guys.

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Rabbits in Flagstaff, AZ

I'm not familiar with the Flagstaff area, however I do want to welcome you to BGH! Big smile

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Rabbits in Flagstaff, AZ

Hardin20, virtually any direction you travel around Flagstaff will have rabbits. Get out of the ponderosa pines and into the lower conifers, ie., pinyon and junipers. Rabbits are everywhere in the early mornings and late eve. Yes

BTW, I live in the dreary little village located 55-miles east of you. LOL!


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Rabbits in Flagstaff, AZ

Its been many years but I always had success with Winona or the dirt road off of I-40 just before Two Guns (coming from Flag). Good luck.

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