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Quiet Elk

Now that my elk season is winding down I wanted to see what other's were experiencing out there this year in terms of bugling and cow calling.  I probably came across half a dozen elk herds this year, not a single one of which was making any noise what so over.  No cows chirping, no bulls bugling, notta.  This was completely opposite from my experience last year, in the exact same mountains.  I also had 2 raghorns and one definite shooter come into bugles this year during archery season, all dead silent (don't ask about why the shooter isnt on the wall...still a very sore subject).

Wondering what other Colorado hunters were experiencing this year and have experienced in the past?  Do you notice a difference between high pressured areas and those backcountry haunts?  Timberline elk vs. desert elk vs. oak brush elk?

I hunt in what most consider a trash/high pressure unit...but like to think that I pack into the areas of it where few go.  But the this years silence is seriously making me consider looking for greener pastures in other parts of the state.

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I think it's been a tough

I think it's been a tough year for many others too.  We haven't been out for elk yet--we've got 4th season tags this year.  But several friends have had difficulty in finding and hunting elk this season.

As for the lack of bugles and cow talk, just when you think you have elk figured out they change up their routines and become unpredictable again.  I wouldn't base your decision to find another hunting area solely on the lack of bugles and cow calls you heard this season.  If you're just ready to check out a new area, then go for it.  In any event, don't be hasty with your choices and make the move for all the right reasons--to have a better hunting experience.

Good luck with any remaining hunts this year.

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During our hunt this year in

During our hunt this year in a "high pressure" area for first rifle we heard 2 bugles in the 8 days we were there, one the day before the season and one opening morning. No cow calls. We talked to one camp that was about 1/2 mile from us that said the bulls were really screaming the night after opener, witch didnt make sense to me but that is what they claimed.

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Some bugling

Had plenty of bugling during my first two days out archery hunting (the Thursday and Friday of muzzleloader season), then it pretty well shut off after that.

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Quiet Elk

I got into bugling bulls almost everyday during archery season.

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Nice bull. With Archery I'm assuming? Do you mind if I ask what unit? and any recommendations for units for archery next year in CO. I just moved here.

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