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Quick update

The old man did it again.  Last time I went out, 3 years ago, he shot a 163lb 8 point, an hour into the season.  Well, this morning, 1 hour into the season, he shot a nice 165 (i think it's bigger) 8 point. 

I saw 4 today, including a monster buck (button buck, not legal) lol. Story and more photos when I get back to San Diego. Hoping I get one now......



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Congratulations to your dad!!

Congratulations to your dad!! Great looking buck on opening morning. I was hoping to see your picture there. I know your happy for your dad but I know how dads are and I bet he really wishes it was you that filled that tag. I know I always hope to see my kids get thiers first and try to wait till last. It just doesn't always work out that way.

Good luck in the rest of your hunt, at least you've seen some deer already with still some time for more.

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  Congrats to your Dad


Congrats to your Dad Vermonster!  That looks to be a nice 8 point!  Good to hear you have seen some deer.  Only a matter of time that one is in your crosshairs.  I bet it to be today!  Good luck with the rest of your hunt and look forward to seeing your deer in the next picture update!  Thumbs up



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Congrats !


Congrats to your dad on a great buck ! Thumbs up Good luck and can't wait to read the story !


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Great Buck

Congrats to your Dad on a great harvest!!  I'll be he was also glad you were with him when he got it (to help with the dragging, of course!!)   lol

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Very nice CAVermonster

Congratulations to your dad on the successful season ! Thanks for sharing the photograph and teaser story with us.  That’s a great looking Vermont buck!  I would sure be happy with putting a tag on that one!  Sharing a successful hunt with your loved ones is as good as it gets especially when it has a happy ending of meat in the freezer and a trophy rack!


I hope that you took a lot of pictures.   Treasure these memories and any future hunts that you have like them. Now quit reading and get back out there if you are reading this during deer season! lol

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Very cool and congratulation

Very cool and congratulation to your dad on getting his buck. Nice photo and I am sure he will eat good. Good luck to you on filling your tag. Look forward to the whole story once you are back home.

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Congrats to your dad on the

Congrats to your dad on the beaty of a buck.  Now it"s your turn.