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Quick Muzzle loader run down for a newbie

I've been meaning to buy a ML for a while now but never seem to get around to it, that's about to change. I'm looking for a modern action type, that's the part I need a bit of help with. I believe the newest ones ones are break open and drop breach, someone told me the drop breach are better but then why are the break opens more expensive? I was looking at the Traditions line, mostly the Yukon or Pursuit. Also any opinions on the packages with a scope. I'll only be using this for a week a year for deer but I still want a quality gun.

Any comments are appreciated

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Quick Muzzle loader run down for a newbie

Hi Night Raider!

I own a CVA buckhorn since 9 months. It has .50 Kal. and a 1 in 28'' twist. I have mounted a 1,5-6x40 scope with red dot. It shoots very accurate with .44 XTP sabots from Hornady. I will recommend it to you. a good gun for a low price. Have a look at the Hunting Regions Thread and there at rest of the world. You can find the post "ROE DEER Down in Germany" from me and see the harvest and the harvest tool.



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Quick Muzzle loader run down for a newbie

I shoot a break action Traditions Pursuit Stalker. It was very forgiving and easy for me when I took it up 3 years ago (while in Ottawa). Some tips that I picked up along the way which I can confirm:

Since I see you are in Ontario and there's no concern regarding "traditional" vs modern as far as the law goes you definitely want one that uses a 509-type primer (shotgun shell primer). It's just one less hassle. They're readily available from nearly any gun shop.

Whatever you buy make sure it has a steel rammer. A lot of the models I looked at, usually the lower end of the price scale, had fibreglass rods and after being at the range I certainly appreciate the fact that my rammer is good and sturdy (which is something I never even considered in choosing my rifle - I just got lucky).

Break actions are much easier to clean than bolts.

If you shoot pyrodex you will be cleaning your rifle once a week whether you use it or not. This is fine is you do a lot of shooting and are cleaning it every week anyway, if you're a seasonal shooter or (like me) are required to be away for extended periods that frequently that can be a problem.

I've switched to Triple Seven pellets and that works much better for the cleaning problem. I haven't used actual black powder so I can't comment on it.

One thing that you will notice is that unlike rifles with M/L any little change can have VERY dramatic consequences on how/where your rifle shoots. Yes changing ammo in a modern rifle will affect your point of impact, but realistically the difference at 100yds won't be that huge. With a M/L it can make the difference between shooting bulleyes and missing the paper. One week I couldn't get the same bullets I used to shoot, so I switched to a different 240gr sabot bullet. At 100yds I missed the target stand and was shooting over it into the backstop, at 50yds I was barely on paper. So once you find a load that shoots well stick with it. If you have to change MAKE SURE you sight in again before heading into the bush.

Good luck.

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