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If you know how to take care

If you know how to take care of meat in warm weather I wouldn't worry too much about the meat spoiling on a elk shot in September.  The big thing with a elk is to get the hide off of the meat and if you are packing it out then bone it and get it into a bag to protect it from the flies and bees that will show up.  The last bull that I shot in September gave me 360 pounds of boned out meat and I didn't loose anything to spoilage and the weather that day it was hot.   

A big aide for a novice elk hunter is the Colorado Elk hunting University that is on the divisions web site.  I haven't gone through it to see just what it has in it but I have heard others say that it is worthwhile. 

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Can someone recommend a good site for topo maps? Been looking at this site, anyone know how accurate they are in terms of public/private land?


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That website is about as good

That website is about as good as it gets unless you have a Garmin GPS and buy the download or microchip for it that shows land ownership and I can tell you that they are accurate to within less than 10' from my hunting in Wyoming this year with one.

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