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questions about hunting a WMA area, new to public land hunti

(posted in great plains forum too)

We were kayaking on a creek in a NE OK WMA area and came ashore on in an area between the creek and verdigris river, a lot of dead trees and a lot of dried up looking vegetation. We noticed some fresh looknig deer tracks and trails leading to the creek but I can't imagine why there would be many deer over here because it didn't look like there was any food. But being pretty inexperienced I have no idea if this is a good place to hunt or not. I am really just an occasional hunter and it is usually on private land where there is at least some persimon or apple trees and maybe even some winter wheat.

Anyway, the attractive thing about this area was that it looked like there would be plenty of space even if someone else could happen to make it that far, and the trails were encouraging. And it seemed like more of an adventure than just sitting in some trees in a cow pasture.

I've never hunted public land and don't really like the idea of being in the middle of a lot of high powered rifles w/ hunters. So I'm just looking for advice from those of you who hunt public land and enjoy it. Should I even try an area like this w/o any visible food supply? How early should I get there to claim my area before other hunters start arriving, assuming other hunters hunt this area?

Any advice is appreciated.


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questions about hunting a WMA area, new to public land hunti

Well if I didn't say Hi & Welcome before, too late Laugh Laugh Laugh
I am not familar with your hunting area, so my opinion is merely that:

Hunters on private land, at least around here, seem to have the mind set that there is no one else in the vacinity, a dangerous thought indeed.
At least on Public Land the other hunters may be somwhat more cautious

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questions about hunting a WMA area, new to public land hunti

When you find deer sign in area where it looks barren on public land, that's probably where you need to hunt
If you come across "Deery" looking areas on public land you can rest assured that 20 other people have also came across that "Deery looking"area before you and the deer have moved on.
Public land or private land, if you find good sign then I would advise you to hunt it.
Most importantly, ALWAYS wear your Hunter Orange when hunting on public land or private land for that matter.

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