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Hello, all!

I'm writing a book in which hunting in Africa makes an appearance. I'd like to make these parts as believable as possible, so I have a few questions for those experienced with hunting in Africa.

What are the best months to go hunting?

How big is a normal hunting group?

Do the members of the hunting group usually know each other, or are most members meeting each other for the first time in a group?

Is it possible to go hunting in Africa on your own, or would you either need a special license or be an African citizen, or both? If you just need a special license, can you take guests with you who do not have a special license?

Well, I suppose that's all the questions for right now...I'm sure I'll have more, though. Big smile

Thank you for your patience!

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welcome. i will answere your questions to the best of my limited knowledge.

1) the usual hunting months are from march thru november (fall/winter/spring down there. while it is possible to hunt the rest of the year, that is usually the rainy season and many "roads" become impassable, game is more scattered, bugs are worse, and the bush is too thick to see thru. the best months are from may to september for many species (breeding season).

2) the size of the hunting party depends on the hunt/the location, and the capacity/capability of the professional hunters. hunting lion, elephant, leopard, usually only one hunter is involved per guide due to the intense nature of the hunt, limited availability of licenses, and relative ly less of that species available. plains game can accomodate more in the party due to the relative abundance of the type of game. the group may consist of several hunters and more family along for the ride. most places will not take more than four hunters due to not wanting too many people in one area, government requirements for one PH per two hunters, lack of accomodations for more, increased workload for the staff, etc i usually go on my own as i do not want to wait around for someone else and have no good friends who enjoy hunting. there are others who regularly hunt with the family or good friends. the african Phs will try their best to accomodate a group when possible, within there own places limitations.

3) if you go hunt in africa, you can take along friends, family. they pay a lesser daily rate to cover food and staff. if the group has more than one hunter, it is possible to get a discount on the daily rate for two versus one hunter. there is no discount on trophy fees. i imagine that most groups would be made of people who know each other, while throwing strangers together could be done thru an outfitting agent, it seems less likely. you may be on an individual hunt, say for cape buffalo, and have another hunter in the same camp, but there is no hunting together usually, just chats around the fire at nite or over breakfast in the morning.

4) it is not possible as a foreigner to hunt on your own in africa, not legally. you are required to have a professional hunter with you, and in some countries a game scout (government employee) goes along to make sure the rules are followed. i know that south africans can hunt on their own in south africa, and i imagine the same applies elsewhere, within limits. if you are found hunting on a concession (leased by the government to someone for hunting purposes and licenses controlled by the government), then you are a poacher and may well be shot.. most of the natives cannot hunt for subsistence without poaching. the government wants to control all that revenue and keep its share. each country is different in licensing hunts. in namibia, you can shoot two of each species per year (leopards, cheetahs, lions, elands, hippos, elephants are under a quota system so it depends on what is available. in tanzania, you book a certain number of days for hunting and then the government says what you can shoot and how many for that license. you cannot shoot a lion or elephant unless you book a 21 day hunt. two people can share a license there and each gets part of what is available under that license, if it is not on the license, you cannot shoot it, period. guests (nonhunters) do not have any impact on the license, as they are not allowed to hunt .

i hope this helps.

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