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Question on where a post went

I made a post on here about 3-4 weeks ago with some pictures of a hike I did up above Georgetown. When I hit submit I got a pop up that said it was marked as spam and would be looked at and approved if it was deemed not spam. Well obviously it never made it to the board. Any idea why this happened and where it went?


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There was a problem with the

There was a problem with the spam filter on the site and it would label legitiment post such as yours as a attempt at spam.  If you got that message the post was never actually posted to the board. 

The filter has been all but turned off now so if you would like to repost it should work OK now with no problems.  Don't feel alone I have also had post with pictures that the spam filter would not allow to go through along with other members. 

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Give it another try.  I'd

Give it another try.  I'd love to see the pics and read about your hike.

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