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Question reguarding concealment placement

Hi guys, just found this forum and let me say I'm very impressed! I've been looking for a great place to talk with other hunters and to share valuable information reguarding wonderful whitetails. I'm not really that knowledgable on hunting whitetails due to the fact that my father nor both my grandfathers weren't hunters. With living in Wyoming County, West Virginia (a bow-only county), and from watching buddies of mine drag absolute MONSTER bucks out of the woods each year, I figured why in the heck would I want to waste living right in the smack middle of this prime area of bowhunting. I got my first bow over the holidays, a Parker, and I've had it set up by my local Archery Shop, so I'm good to go in that concern. Now comes the tricky part. I have an area that I know deer as present. I've seen them there with my own eyes. My question is this, how do I go about setting up the area for a successful hunt. I've been reading up and researching as much as possible about Whitetails, so I do have my feet wet. What do you suggest as far as the next step. I located the area during the prerut this year, and I saw tracks, treescrapes, and ground scrapes. What should be the next step? Should I then place feeders in the area? Set up a trail cam? After locating the area and identifying signals that deer are present, along with seeing deer come from there with my own eyes, what next? What do you experienced hunters suggest?

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Question reguarding concealment placement

WHAT ! no one was willing to give any tips or suggestions sad

from what I read, this will be your 1st time bow hunting & 1st time deer hunting, if I'm correct ?
all I can say is get ready to become a addict, a addict to the thrill of bow hunting Thumbs up

is this big acreage ? do you have the means to plant food plots ? even 10 acreas is big enough to plant food plots, the reason I ask is cuz bait piles/feeders are not natural & deer know this. they are leary of bait piles, yes they'll come to them & eat BUT most times are at non legal shooting times & if they do come during the day that will be short lived since if they bust you once there its over IMO & as soon as hunting season(hunting pressure on them) comes around they're nocturnal at the bait sites.

but with a food plot its just a natural food source, & they will make their travel routes around these food plots, just make sure you plant them in springtime so the deer find them & get use to of knowing theres a new food source there.
it doesnt have to be a monster food plot either, even the size of 1 stall garage plot will get action, if its in a good area EX set back in the woods where they feel safe to eat there before heading out to bigger farm crops fields. I have 3 small food plots like this size (1 stall garage size) set back in cover where they feel safe to eat & they'll come into these at any times.

IMO food plots might be a hair cheaper than baiting, remember once its growing it comes back for several years, baiting you need to pay for every time.
& if you bait DO NOT stop feeding them once the season is over & winter sets in, since you started feeding them for hunting they somewhat rely on it & then you stop when its most needed - thats not good

but if you go the baiting route, the best place to shoot a deer is like 50 yards away from the bait pile, on their travel route to the bait pile. this is where they come into the area & check out the area before going in & eating. if they see or sence danger they will not go in & eat until the threat is gone or dark.

put a mineral lick out in the spring time also, close to a travel route (so they find it, throw some apples by it so they find it) deer will use mineral licks all the time until fall, which once hunting season comes around they rarely use them BUT they will still travel by it, deer are creatures of habit. & a buck might also make a new rub/scrape close by also ?

stand placement - when ever someone says higher is better, dont listen to that cr@p ! cuz the higher you go up the worse the shot placement will be, & you're bow hunting you WANT that double lunger or nothing ! period ! (well heart is good too but sometimes its a hit or miss deal)
16 ft up is plenty high, remember alot of bow hunters shoot game on the ground ! killing your human scent is the key. & playing the wind in your favor.

conceal your silliuoette (human figure) blend in with your surroundings, dont put the stand right out in the open EX if hunting on the edge of woods put the stand something like 5 - 10 yards in, or just make sure you have others trees around to help break up your silliouette.

do alot of scouting of the hunting area, get your trees ready this late spring early summer for stand placement, cut shooting lanes. I measure with a 200 ft tape measure in the direction I have a shooting oppertuinity(sp?) about in 3 directions from your stand is plenty for judging distances & I place neon painted wood lathes (same color as my sight pins - green,red,yellow) at 20 yards(green) 30 yards(red) 40 yards(yellow) this will help you judge distances better & faster when the deer show up in a certain spot.
these wood lathes will not spook deer unless you do it 1 month before opener, these are just another tree sticking out of the ground to them (paint them at home & let them dry before bringing them out in the woods) & do this in spring/summer time months ahead of opener.

depending on your bow you might not need a 10 yard pin, a 20 yard pin will work for 25 yards & under.
practice the way your gonna hunt, that means if you plan on using a stand practice from the stand (height) every once in awhile, & where your hunting gloves,facemask,jacket also during practice once in awhile, so you know if sometime will affect your shooting & POI.

gamecams if you can afford one, they're nice to have but remember you get what you pay for, spending about $150 will get you a decent gamecam. this will help in your scouting EX what kind of game is around to hunt, is there a really big buck around ? once you know this you'd be willing to pass on a small one that is right in front of you cuz you know there is a bigger buck around & he might be just around the corner of this smaller buck in front of you waiting to walk by. gamecam very useful tool for scouting.

sorry for the long post, I could go on & on. if you have some more questions ask away, I'm willing to answer or at least try to help with your questions.

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