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question regarding deer

i've only ever done bunnies before, never gutted or skinned a deer.

i got one this morning but unfortunately i never managed to do anything with it, which i now know after talking to many people was the wrong thing to do. i'm exhausted from spending the whole day at my dad's house and now have to go see to this deer. 

my question is, should i even bother? lol i work at kennels and my boss has many dogs that will happily make short work of the deer if i do go ahead and sort it out, i just really can't be bothered now... but i can't leave it, do i get on with it and do the needful or do i just chuck it?

it's such a waste, if i knew this morning what i know now i'd be eating yummy venison for a while but unfortunately i didnt 

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If it's cold out it's still

If it's cold out it's still fine, it hasn't been that long yet. Many of us have had to wait till the next morning to recover a deer. Get to work and get it cleaned out while you can. Don't let it go to waste. It's wrong and in all the states I know of a crime as well.

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Well, as Hunter says, it

Well, as Hunter says, it totally depends on the weather.  If it has been cool, and it was only sitting today, then I would have no problem with it.  Just make sure to gut it as soon as possible, and then hang it.  Depending on the overnight temps, and overall weather outlook, you could leave it hanging 3-4 days before doing any buthcering or cutting.  Plenty of time for you to rest until you are no longer exhausted.

Just curious, where are you located?  also, was this a deer you shot, someone else shot, was hit by a car, what?

As long as as the temperature was okay, DO NOT GIVE THAT DEER TO THE DOGS!@!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will drive from San Diego to wherever you are to stop you from doing that.... lol

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I can see no ethical reason

I can see no ethical reason for me to let meat go to waste.

If you just want to shoot something go to a range and shoot paper or steel. One needs to have a plan for what they are going to do with the animal after they shoot it. Letting game animals go to waste is a crime in many localities. Because I don't care for javelina meat is why I don't hunt them. I would likely let the meat go to waste.

One day I'll go javelina hunting, just to do it, and will suffer through eating the meat over the course of a year. Until I am willing to suffer through eating the meat I refuse to hunt them. 


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